Resources To Help You Analyze Real Estate Investment Deals

As a service to our Preferred Investors we have created a few educational resources.

If you are new to buying investment properties you will get a lot from this page. If you are a more seasoned investor, there may be a tool or two below that can assist in making things easier for you.

The Importance Of Evaluating Deals Correctly

Experienced investors know the impact of not only knowing your numbers, but also buying at the right price.  Not accurately calculating your renovation, repair and material costs coupled with buying too high can drastically impact your returns and promptly bring a premature ending to your property investment career.  We have purchased dozens of properties from miscalculating Pittsburgh area investors, and saved them from financial collapse, foreclosure, bankruptcy and the like.  Paying too much for a property can really cost you, so partnering with the right people makes all the difference in the World.

We specialize in the Pittsburgh Area marketplace and can complement your returns by taking out the hassle of searching for and marketing for Off-market deals.  Here at PghCashListing.com we are here to help you the way we have helped countless other investors over the years.  Let us help you source deals so you can Buy better and focus on Renovations and Renting.  If you Buy right and know your numbers, you can easily refinance for a better return on your dollars.   We want to earn your business so you keep coming back to us for more discounted properties.

Deal Evaluation Resources

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