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PghCashListing.com is a CZ Capital Group Company

PghCashListing.com is the Pittsburgh regions most trusted market leading brand and local resource for Off-Market properties in and around the surrounding areas of Pittsburgh, Pa.

While PghCashListing.com deals are available for all cash purchase to the public for no additional cost, CZ Capital Group Companies offers volume buyers premium off-market VIP sourcing solution and services to compliment on-market MLS investment buying strategies with existing agent or broker relationships.

PghCashListing.com provides an opportunity for long term investing goals and provides a point of entry to resources available within the CZ Capital Group network and two office locations in both Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Phoenix Arizona. Sourcing both MLS deals in addition to off-market cash deals, many VIP partners find many advantages to effectively and efficiently increase successful acquisitions annually. VIP partners enjoy the time and stress reducing benefits of eliminating individual marketing efforts in exchange for vetted deals without competitive bidding situations. Joint venture partnerships, programs and term agreement options create lasting relationships and provide serious investors the added value of partnering with the leading direct to seller resource in the areas we serve.

Get started today by registering below and begin to realize the benefits offered by CZ Capital Group companies. Our team is highly trained and handles all the paperwork, inspections and analytics for vetting sound investments for single and multifamily properties.

To access a small sampling of our available off-market investment properties, complete your Preferred Buyer Profile and begin your journey with us today. Register to become a Preferred Buyer HERE. and you will immediately be provided access to our cash only real estate deals page to preview some of our available assets.

Our Preferred Buyers will be notified of available opportunities and receive a welcome email with important information on how to work with us and secure your first off-market deal. We do not sell or share your data with any 3rd party, so you will not be bogged down by unwanted advertisements or solicitations. Please remember to add us to your safe senders list in your email service provider to avoid missing our communications.

From all of us here at PghCashListing and CZ Capital Group Companies, we welcome you and look forward to providing exceptional value and many years of successful transactions.

PghCashLising.com is a CZ Capital Group Subsidiary

About PghCashListing.com

PghCashListing.com, PghLeaseOption.com and Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC, the #1 top rated direct to seller professional home buyer in Western Pennsylvania, are subsidiaries of CZ Capital Group CompaniesPittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC specialize in direct to seller off-market real estate transactions, buy & holds, wholesale deals, rentals and fix & flip opportunities. PghLeaseOption.com provides rent-to-own lease options for local families in Pittsburgh.   Our offices are located in scenic Mount Washington on Grandview Avenue and our Phoenix location is located in Gilbert Arizona.  We help local, out of state and international investors and financial partners locate, find and buy off-market properties through proprietary means using the latest technology and highest quality human capital. Our family of companies are all aligned with a set of CORE VALUES that are prerequisite for employment across all companies and brands. To learn more about our CORE VALUES, click here.

Serious investors seeking equitable fix and flips or BRRRR opportunities are required to complete your profile criteria by clicking the link below.

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Where Our Deals Are Sourced

CZ Capital Group Company deals are sourced using cash assets, private funding or venture capital. We source opportunities within a 10-15 mile radius of our downtown Pittsburgh office location using custom AI technology and creative marketing systems including TV, radio, direct mail, cold calling, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google PPC, Search Engine Optimization and word of mouth referrals. Our marketing spend and connections provide reach and access to the most efficient and productive means for source fair market deals at optimal prices before margin erosion occurs through listings and fees for agency.  Our focus is optimizing value added solutions for both buyers and sellers while creating value for our business partners, customers and colleagues both in state, out of state and abroad.  Whether you are looking for…

  • Inherited Homes
  • Pre-Probate Deals
  • Probate Deals
  • Off-Market Real Estate Deals
  • Fixer Uppers or Fix & Flip Deals
  • Turnkey/ Airbnb Landlord Deals
  • Tenant Occupied Cashflow Deals
  • Total Renovation or Rehab Deals
  • Commercial & Residential Deals
  • Investment Property Deals
  • Divorce Deals
  • Relocation Deals
  • Pre-Foreclosure Deals
  • Pre-Auction Deals
  • Bank Owned Foreclosures / REO properties
  • Delinquent Tax Deals
  • Distressed Property Deals
  • Vacant Property Deals
  • Discounted Multi-family Deals
VIP Services Are Available Only to Volume Buyers

CORE VALUES: CZ Capital Group Companies

All CZ Capital Group Company staff are extensively trained to add value to both buyers and sellers for excellent outcomes and high levels of customer and business partner satisfaction. As Pittsburgh natives, each member of our staff demonstrates the CORE VALUES of all CZ Capital Group Companies:

  • Efficiency– We move fast to serve our customers, clients, and business partners in the most steadfast process possible.  We work together as a team to determine the best processes and value proposition offerings to our customers.  We understand it takes speed to lead and we are efficient in our execution of our roles and responsibilities as a team with common goals.
  • Intentional – We act and serve with purpose in everything we do both on the clock and off.  Our intent is always to elevate others and support those with goals, dreams admirable missions and causes.
  • Service Centric – We serve our customers, friends, family and business partners by providing exceptional value and extraordinary service in everything we do.  We are known for our leadership in this area of business and set the standard for others to follow, not only in the marketplace, but also within our network.
  • Excellence Minded – We are known for high quality deliverables and above-board performance in everything we do.  Our brand is determined by our work ethic and our market leading brand reputation is consistently demonstrated through our operational efficiency by providing excellent service, support, and deliverables consistently and steadily.
  • Growth Minded – We acknowledge that high performance achievement and success is possible only when actionable and consistent effort is applied daily, weekly, monthly and annually.  We recognize failure not as a negative, but as an opportunity for growth and a sign of progress towards our goals.

Working with PghCashListing.com and CZ Capital Group Companies will provide advantages to all parties associated for the benefit of the local neighborhoods and communities we serve

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PghCashListing.com is a CZ Capital Group Company

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