What Investors Need To Know About Flipping Property in Pittsburgh

So you’ve decided to become an investor and begin flipping property in Pittsburgh, before you get started, call  PghCashListing.com today at 412-435-5711. We are here to help because we understand just how important it is that you know just what you’re getting in Pittsburgh. In this post, we will break it all down for you!  … Continued

How to Create Passive Income in 2021 With Pittsburgh Real Estate

Do you lie awake at night worrying about how you will afford your retirement years? Creating passive income will bring you worry-free nights about your future. The goal of investing in Pittsburgh real estate is twofold, creating long-term passive income for your retirement and increasing your current monthly income stream. If you are interested in … Continued

How to Create Multiple Income Streams With Pittsburgh Real Estate

As you continue to build your investment portfolio, you will be able to achieve financial freedom and begin living the life you envision. You can start checking off everything on your bucket list earlier and continue living life on your terms through carefully planned Pittsburgh real estate investments. Sounds great, right? So, how do you … Continued

5 Tips for Siblings Dealing With Inherited Property in Pittsburgh

Have you inherited property in Pittsburgh? Sadly, without proper forethought, you may suddenly face life without your parents, who have left their property to all of their children without a plan in place, which can be quite a chaotic experience. Dealing with a sudden whirlwind of paperwork and details during such an emotionally difficult time … Continued

What You Should Know About Real Estate Trusts in Pittsburgh

Preparing for when a loved one passes will allow you to endure the loss without adding the stress and pressures of dealing with all of the details of an estate. If you’re wealthy, then the alarming tax rate on gits has likely been of concern. Taking action by preplanning for the distribution of an estate … Continued

5 Tips for a Successful Property Flip in Pittsburgh

While flipping is a great way to make a quick profit, this endeavor requires realistic expectations and well-laid-out plans for every step of the process in advance. All too often, wide-eyed first-time buyers entering the fix and flip market are excited by television shows that make the process appear quick and easy.  While it is … Continued

How to Flip Your First Pittsburgh House in 2021

Ready to jump on board and flip your first house in Pittsburgh? Flipping, buying older or bargain properties, and then selling them for a profit, is an attractive method of entry into real estate investment. Read on to discover how to flip your first Pittsburgh house in 2021 Plan Investing in real estate is a … Continued

5 Formulas Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Need To Know

We help real estate investors in Pittsburgh get the information they need. Knowledge is power and those who understand the numbers best, win at investing in real estate. As an investor, there may be no more important factor in the success of your business than your ability to run the numbers. Whether you work alongside … Continued