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Investment Properties | California, Pa

PghCashListing.com  Offers the latest off-market Investment Properties in California, Pa

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Investment Properties | California, Pa

Are you a top producing Realtor or Broker looking for investment property deals for your picky investors?

Are you interested in picking up additional flip properties for your personal portfolio?

Are you a handyman looking for a primary residence to live in while you add value (and net worth) by adding some renovations before you sell?

Maybe you are looking for a slight edge on your competition or have an interest in offering deals to your clients no one else in town knows about?  Maybe you want to seek out new ways to increase your sales and revenue numbers this year…?  If so, you are in the right place and we want to network with you.

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Pgh Cash Listing  and our family of companies can help you offer more value to your clients with first-to-market deals.

We are a full time, locally owned and operated real estate investment team focused on finding and buying high equity deals at below retail.

We buy distressed, pre-foreclosure, bank owned, investor specials, handyman specials, fixer upper specials – you name it, we find it or have access to these types of highly sough after deals!

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Due to the excellent investment opportunities available in California, Pa and surrounding areas of Pittsburgh, we are adding below market handyman properties and foreclosure properties to our list weekly, and they tend to get snapped up very quickly.

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Investment Properties | California, Pa

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